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Pitch Material 

Lucy (fer) is an original feature film. It was accepted to IFP's (now the Gotham) 2019 Narrative Competition. Below is a collection of all of the pitch material I designed for the film.

Tone Reel

This is a demonstration of the look and feel of the film. Videos are pulled from several films including Juliet of the Spirits, West Side Story, Crooklyn and Columbiana. 


The lookbook expands on the tone reel by delving into the specifics of the film's story, themes, characters and aesthetic. Please note that most pages are in Lorem Ipsum as the project is currently being pitched.

lucy(fer) business card copy.jpg
biz card back.jpg

Business Card

The main character in Lucy(fer)  runs a gambling ring and I wanted to reference this with the business cards. The numbers game is a neighborhood lotto in which bettors submit three-digit bets. When handing out the business cards, I asked producers to give me three digits. I'd write out their numbers, stamp the card and hand it back to them. One of the characters also practices Santeria, a pantheistic religious tradition that is practiced by many older Latinos. The symbol featured on the front is a Cuban Santeria charm.  


The Lucy(fer) playlist ranges from the sexy, smooth Fania All Stars to the vibrant Celia Cruz to the more spiritual hauntings of Harvey Mandel's guitar. It channel's Master of None's music stylings but with a heavier focus on Latin rhythms. 

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