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How the myth of the genius director has erased the careers of some very talented women, and why it’s time for the “auteur” to be tossed out entirely.


Published in Current Affairs, July 2021

Amanda Hanna-McLeer
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Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible tirade wasn’t inspired by a genuine concern for his crew's wellbeing. For those of us who've had toxic bosses, it was painfully clear what this was: a belligerent executive blowing off steam.


Published in Current Affairs, January 2021

Amanda Hanna-McLeer
Amanda Hanna-McLeer

The entertainment industry’s absurd exploitative working hours have been normalized for too long. When production restarts, we need to reject “normal” and demand reasonable conditions.

Published in Current Affairs, June 2020

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Amanda Hanna-McLeer

Working people are afraid of embracing free public

college and student loan forgiveness because they've

been conditioned to toil. They're afraid of anything

that looks like a "handout." But most working class

people don’t see what I saw first hand at RISD: the

rich get handouts all the time. They’re just not

regarded as such. 

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